I always ended up smoking again

Pictures-Of-SmokersI tried quitting numerous times in the past with patches and gum but always ended up smoking again.  I bought my first nicotine vaporizer (e-cig) in January and haven’t had a smoke since.  I have absolutely no desire to have a cigarette.  Thanks to vaping I no longer cough up phlegm in the morning. I can taste and smell better. I can exercise without shortness of breath.  Vaping is more enjoyable than smoking as well thanks to the wide variety of different flavors of e-juice and the hobby aspect of it (building coils, getting new mods, etc.)  Yes I am still consuming nicotine but it’s no worse than caffeine.  I have reduced the nicotine levels in my juices from 18mg, to 12mg, to 6mg, and will probably go to 3mg and then 0mg next.  The best resource is reddit’s electronic cigarette subreddit.  PM me if you have any questions.

I started smoking in 9th grade, and quit for the first time when I was about 26.  I had not had a cigarette in a little over a year, and hubby and I went out drinking with friends after work.  A friend bought a pack of cigs and I took one drag and ended up buying a pack that night.  My hubby never smoked, but was so mad at me for starting again he took the cigarette from me to show me how stupid I looked.  He started smoking for the first time that night!  We both smoked for about 5 more years (much to the dismay of my dad — an ex-smoker who told my hubby he was an idiot for starting).  We tried cutting down and would only smoke outside (we would be out in the freezing cold and snow smoking like fools in the winter), and wouldn’t let any friends smoke in the house or car either.  I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough and just quit cold turkey (hardest thing I ever did).  Even after more than 15 years, I still crave one from time to time — especially when I see someone else smoking.  It’s not until I actually smell it that I get turned off from that idea.  Crave it the most when I have a drink and sometimes when I’m drinking coffee.

I starts smoking in about 1965 – and stopped in 1976. This will wax a little on the religious side here but that’s life. I worked for my dad in the Appliance shop, dad smoked a pipe, I smoked players filter.  One day dad goers into hospital for a surgery and comes back out diagnosed with cancer, and no longer having a stomach. He stopped smoking.  When dad was able to return to work, I suggested I could go outside for a smoke, and not subject him to my stuff as he had already stopped.  HE said no – don’t bother, it doesn’t bother me.

Meanwhile there was a bit of a revival going on in town, Mom and my 2 youngest siblings all got “saved” and dad started getting snarly because it was upsetting his control of the household.  Then one day, my older brother & I  (7 of us in total) also were saved and joined a church.  Poor dad was beside himself. I started attending a mid week evening home group/bible study for new believers.

One day, dad was especially obnoxious with his profane gutter talk, and I felt I had to challenge him.  I caught him alone, and said: ” I think my smoking in your shop really does bother you, and you’re too stubborn & proud to admit it  – here’s a challenge.  I’ll stop smoking here & now, and you clean up your mouth, I don’t like the garbage coming out of it”

I knew I was safe, nobody ever told Dad what to do. He paused for 5-10 second and then said :”you’re on”. My next thought – Phooey – I just bought this pack of cigarettes. Then followed by – My integrity is on the line here. I crushed the pack of smokes, and tossed them. Than night was bible study, I related the events to the lady in charge.  All the ladies (many more women than men present) got a big laugh out of it, and they all went to prayer – in a circle around me. I left hat night with no more cravings for tobacco. I can still 38 or so years later, smell a players cigarette being smoked. I also never cease to thank God for freeing me from the tobacco.

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