Athena Pheromones .. Do They Work Or Not?

Recently, I decided to test Athena pheromones. I first heard about the Athena brand when they featured on an ABC news 20/20 report. I wasn’t sure if pheromones really worked so I decided to try them. When you had as many women as me you would certainly also have your doubts. And you’d be suspicious when a super hot chick suddenly is interested in you. Anyway, I just played along, no matter what the real intentions were. Did Athena pheromones work or not?

I applied two drops of Athena 10: 10 on my wrists the first night I went out with them. I met this really hot girl at the club. She was very flirtatious and had invested me into the VIP Section. So after we were done in the room we took the lift again, this time to the other party. And there again, she took my arm and this time she said into my ear: “I have a proposition. From all the guys that were with us tonight you’re the most pleasant to me. I don’t want to spend the evening talking to anyone else and faking interest. What do you think about spending the evening side by side?”

That was a great proposal to me, because that way I could walk through the crowd and everyone would just be astonished when I passed them hand-in-hand with Alex. Plus, I’d attract more people to hand my business card to. (To be honest, I’ll have to practice that part of using a woman to create interest and trust from business partners).

So, yeah, I agreed.

We spent most of the time at the party together.

Except for some moments when she got into a fight with the girl that gathered all the girl. Let’s call her the “boss”. The boss was pissed at my girl cause she was spending all night with me. She even texted Alex something along the lines of “Don’t spend all your time this guy, he’s useless to the purpose of our client.”.

I didn’t get pissed at that, because I didn’t take it seriously, plus I knew I was super helpful to the guy who organised the event. I’m a bit of a social engineer myself, so I knew what was going on all along (pheromone signals), plus I had an overview over everyone’s needs and thoughts.

The guy that organised the whole thing organises these things because he knows that rich guys like hot girls, and that normally all parties are sausage fests. He throws these little parties because he knows he gets business through them and increases his social standing.

I can tell that it works from personal experience. I once threw a birthday party where 60% were girls and the rest were guy friends that I wanted to have a great time. The day after my party everyone was messaging me that it was the best party they’ve ever been to. Honestly, you have to limit the number of men (and be wise in choosing who to invite) and make the number of women bigger. That’s the best recipe for a great party. And everyone will be thankful. Back then I didn’t have any purpose besides throwing a great party. Today I would throw a party like that in order to get more business.

Anyway, I knew the organiser did it in order to get more business. And that’s exactly what I provided him. Later that night I introduced him to a high calibre person. This person offered to buy my business a few months ago but my partner and I had to decline because we weren’t ready to give up entrepreneurship and work for somebody else. However, it’s good to keep her in my network of people I know. So I realised I should introduce these two people to each other and that there would be parallels.

If it works out, it could create a multi million dollar venture, only because I made some introductions. We’ll see in the next few months what will happen.

So I knew I had done these people a pretty powerful service and the Athena pheromones had given me an aura of confidence. And I deserved to be with the girl. That’s all I could do, and it was more than enough.

The boss still got pissed and they had a pretty loud argument. I didn’t see it but Alex told me about it later. I didn’t care. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to go home with her later that night.

I made one little mistake though. I introduced her to some of my Ukrainian friends. My Ukrainian friend asked her if she can provide him with drugs, and she naturally agreed because she knew hot get that stuff in Bangkok. They exchanged phone numbers and it wasn’t something I liked. Because I knew it would complicate my evening.

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