Do Penis Extenders Really Work?


These record-breaking cocks notwithstanding , the fact remains that perhaps less than one man in ten million possesses a cock larger than 12″ when measure from the top. With this statistical assessment in mind, it is fairly safe to assume that there are probably less than 1,000 men in the world who truly measure longer than 12″. The reason penis extenders are so popular is that they make increasing the size of your penis easy. You can increase both the length and girth in a relatively short period.

Surgical Options

There are a few different male enhancement surgery options and each has its pros and cons.

Ligament- a very common male enhancement surgery involves cutting ligaments that stabilize the penis. This allows the “hidden” part of the penis to protrude from the body giving a bit more length. Surgeons advise that this only add an inch at best.

Dermal Implant-with this type of surgery a portion of tissue is removed from the buttocks or thighs and grafted to the penis. This provides a larger width, but no increase in length. A 1.1cm to 2 cm increase in width is about standard. Of all male enhancement surgery options, this one seems to have the best track record of satisfaction.

Liposuction/Injection- Liposuction is not just for weight loss anymore! Some physicians have found they can enlarge the size of a man’s penis by using lipo to remove fat deposits and inject them into the penile tissue. This procedure may work temporarily, though malformation is common, but in 90% of patients, the body will reabsorb the fat cells.

There are risks associated with each of these types of male enhancement surgery. The risks are so pronounced that many doctors refuse to do them except in severe cases. A number of those who have had these surgical procedures report disappointing gains. Which begs the question of whether enhancement surgery is worth the risks?

  • Loss of support for the penis results in erect penis pointing to the floor
  • Fat injections can make the penis appear deformed if not done correctly
  • When penis is elongated surgically there is not enough skin, hence a hairy base (unattractive)
  • Botched surgeries can lead to infection, impotence and more

As you can see even with a successful procedure, the gains are not great. If you have a fantasy image of the potential results, you will likely be sadly disappointed. There is also the issue of cost; penile enhancement surgery can cost several thousand dollars on the low end. Learn more about penis extenders that work |


Is there a better way to improve your erection size and satisfaction? Given the number of issues with surgery, it would seem that nearly any other option is better! Male enhancement surgery comes with several risks, limited success and a healthy price tag. If you are struggling with your self-confidence or even erectile dysfunction, you may want to seek more natural remedies instead. There are several over the counter treatment options that are safer and cheaper than surgery which will produce similar results.


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