Best Penis Extenders For Enlargement 2018

If you are reading this article, then you have probably decided to give penis extenders a try. First of all, I would like to let you know that this is the best choice you could have made. Penis extenders are not just the most efficient option for penis enlargement but also one of the safest. However, the question that you are now probably asking is where to find the best penis extenders and how to make sure that they are the best.

How Penis Extenders Were Invented

The story of penis extenders starts back in the mid-90s. This is when certain Danish scientists and andrologists got together to come up with a device that could help men with a condition known as Peyronie’s disease. As they were looking into the efficacy of their early prototypes, they found out that men have been reporting an increase in the size of the penis. Learn more about penis extenders that work |

How They Work

The entire idea behind a penis extender is that stretching leads to increase in size. This can be seen in certain tribal cultures which use different techniques in order to elongate certain parts of the human body, such as earlobes, necks and so on. With penis extenders, this stretching is achieved gradually and using forces that do not damage the penis. The same principle that is behind those tribal cultures’ body part elongating is still here. This has resulted in penis extenders that can be worn without any fears for years.  

Namely, as the penis is stretched, the cells are not only extended and stretched, but they also tear on a microscopic scale. This is not felt by the person using the penis extender, but their body is working overtime, producing new tissue in order to fill in the blanks so to say. In short, your body grows new tissue and your penis grows permanently. 

Slow But Permanent Results

Penis extenders are worn sex to eight hours per day. These devices apply constant stretching to the penis and thus cause it to grow.This results in incredible gain in size, ranging up to more than 30% in length and near 20% in girth.

Even though this might discourage some of you, remember that everything has been done to ensure the most comfort possible. You can ask anyone who has tried wearing a penis extender. After a week, you stop even noticing the device. Just make sure it’s worn under everyday clothing, of course, provided that it is loosely fitting.

Of course, you are now probably interested in the results that can be achieved. Well, the good news is they are incredible. In general, you can expect to gain at least an inch after a year or so. Some have even reported increases in the size of two or even more inches. When it comes to the curvature of the penis, the results are also incredible, with more than 90% of the curvature being straightened.

Are penis extenders safe?

Yes, they are. In fact, they might just be the safest option out there. Penis enlargement surgery is very unsafe because of the simple fact that it is surgery. Penis enlargement pills are supposed to be safe and natural, but the manufacturing process is not that well regulated. Even worse,  there have been cases of such pills containing pharmaceutical drugs which could have caused serious harm to some people. Penis extenders have been tested and tried before they were introduced to the market. When you buy one, you should always look for the certificate that indicates that it has been tested and deemed safe.

Can I buy penis extenders online?

Yes you can. In fact, in case you live in the US, you will have troubles finding penis extenders for sale in conventional pharmacies. Buying penis extenders online is a better idea because it is much cheaper and it is also anonymous.

Can they treat erectile dysfunction?

Unfortunately, no. They are not devices that are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, due to the creation of new tissue and some other benefits that penis extenders produce, you might experience better erections.

Can they be used to treat Peyronie’s disease?

Yes, they can. In fact, penis extenders were first developed with this condition in mind. If you do not know about this condition, it is the curvature of the penis. With penis extenders, you can expect the curvature to be straightened out dramatically and the symptoms to be mitigated. 

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