Most Effective Pheromone Cologne “Revealed”

Pheromones have had a powerful effect on both animals and humans for millions of years. They are airborne chemical hormones that are emitted from the body and they serve many different purposes. Animals use them to ward off enemies, mark their territories and to mate. Humans emit them to attract members of the opposite sex.

Types of Pheromones

Both men and women emit pheromones that are designed to attract members of the opposite sex. Women emitpheromones called Estratetraeol and Copulins. They are a form of estrogen that is found in women when they are ovulating, and they have been a part of the mating ritual for millions of years. On the flip side, men emit pheromonescalled Androstadienone, Androstenone and Androstenol. They are a form of testosterone that has the ability to arouse women, make them happier and sexually interested.

How Pheromones Work

It has been proven that pheromones work on the hypothalamus part of the human brain. They have the ability to affect the hormonal levels of members of the opposite sex. They do not have a scent, and they cannot be seen.

Humans detect them via an organ that is located in the nasal cavity, and it is known as the VNO. It detects pheromonesand sends messages to the part of the brain that controls human sexual responses and urges. Most people don’t even realize that their emotions and sexual feelings are being taken over by pheromones. The response is very powerful.

Hard to Detect?

However, in today’s modern world, it is hard for members of the opposite sex to detect these different types ofpheromones. Humans have evolved and changed their daily hygiene habits. This has decreased the effectiveness of natural pheromones. Humans bathe, put on clothes, deodorants and other things that can block the ability of the opposite sex to detect the natural pheromones that are produced. People still mate and attract members of the opposite sex, but natural pheromones don’t play as big of a role in this process as they did millions of years ago.

As a result, many men complain that women are not attracted to them. However, this changes once they learn the power of pheromones, how they work on women and how to use them effectively. By using colognes that contain large concentrations of pheromones, men boost their ability to attract more women. All it takes is a little dab of cologne on the neck or arms. The pheromones in the cologne emit from the body and have a powerful effect on members of the opposite sex.

Benefits of Using Pheromones

Many men discover that they are irresistible to women when they emit larger amounts of pheromones. Althoughpheromones don’t have a scent, the actual colognes that contain them do. Some women say that the colognes have good musky scents. Others say that they have bad urine smells. This depends on the brand of cologne. However, the bottom line is that they contain pheromones that sexually arouse women.

For the man who is contemplating the usage of pheromones, consider the following benefits:

  • More women will be attracted to you, even the ones who have previously turned you down.
  • Women will respect you more because of the effect that pheromones have on the brain.
  • Pheromones will intensify your sex life.
  • You won’t have to worry about meeting women again.

Pherazone: The #1 Rated Pheromone

Pherazone is the number one rated pheromone on the market. It is an expensive smelling cologne that has a large amount of pheromones. This is totally unlike many of the leading brands that have a urine-like smell that turn women off. In fact, it has more than ten times the amount of pheromones of other colognes on the market. Pherazone can do wonders to drive women crazy and make you more sexually attractive. This newfound sexual appeal will lead to more dates and more sex overall, which is the ultimate goal.

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