Getting Rid of Acne

Acne = Inflammation in the body caused by poor quality foods and inability to process certain foods by the body because of leaky gut+ the body is trying to get rid of toxins and waste material and guess what…acne is another way of doing that…in a slightly disgusting way.

U just eat vegs and meat by themselves? precisely….and dairy is not bad…as long as the milk is raw and the cheeses are good quality everything should be ok…but for start, for a month just eat the best quality meat and vegetables you can find…report back what are your results…and slowly you can experiment with adding dairy products…only if they are from pasture raised cows and goats…if not …I wouldn’t bother with milk…and grains especially in the US are awful with all the hybridization and genetic modifications….there is a reason why people that are highly sensitive to grains when they come to Europe suddenly they can tolerate better eating them…only acceptable grain is white rice….I just don’t bother with grains…there’s not that much nutrition in them.

Organic farmers are far away …where do you live?…..I call bullshit on that….why can’t you understand that food quality is more important than any drugs ever invented?….these are just excuses…and your health will recover depending on your effort to find high nutritious unprocessed foods..depression is caused by lack of minerals and by having wrong ratios of neurotransmitters…that is the Hardware part…that can be only fixed with nutrition and experimentation….on the software part…TP is the biggest resource in existence, psychological problems are easy to fix if nutrition and limiting beliefs and negative charged memories are cleared+ let’s not forget social life…people in your life are the ones that provide you with opportunities to experience happiness or experience pain…so choose wisely and don’t forget to not be on autopilot when dealing with problematic people…react how YOU WANT, don’t let them be in control of your reactions.

I found that systematically removing unhealthy elements from my life made my acne better and better, and today it only comes up if I drink too much combined with lack of sleep and some drunken fast food before going home.

My acne lessened when I:

– stopped drinking soft drinks
– removed grains
– eat less dairy
– get more sun and fresh air
– exercise
– eat more vegetables and fruits
– sleep well
– etc

As usual, the recommendations to cure specific health issues here fall heavily into unsupported dietary modifications.

Acne is probably 80% genetic. Hormones can play a significant role also. Neither of which will be affected by dietary modifications. There is some evidence that a high glycemic load diet is associated with worsening acne. There is also some evidence that milk may impact the severity. All the rest about “leaky gut”, organic, raw, etc. is not supported by science.

I should add that smoking is known to increase acne. Benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and rentioids (rentin-A) are all known to be effective in treating acne.

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