Michael Thurman’s Six Week Body Makeover system?

Want to lose weight with Michael Thurman’s Six Week Body Makeover system? What you do is take a 50 question test to determine your body type. Well, I am body type A. It gives you examples of what to eat; there’s an easy plan and a gourmet plan. You may want to consider the 6 week body makeover review at http://consumerscompare.org/6-week-body-makeover-diet-review/.

We will be doing the easy plan and the food might be a little bland for the first couple of weeks until you get used to it. I have had the program for quite some time and honestly, I went from a dress size 12 to a size 6 in as little as six weeks. It really is that good.

I’m not a person who likes to do a lot of exercise. I really did not start really exercising until I got into week three and I was doing about 45 minute son a treadmill. I did that probably for about four days out of the week.

My Progress with Six Week Body Makeover

I probably did not do his exercise plan until after about the fifth week. People talk about calories in and calories out as if thats the only thing that matters. Sometimes people use “calories in versus calories out” to refute my arguments about the importance of say how eating lots of sugar can easily make you fat, instead of eating mainly protein with low GI carbs.

Energy comes in…. and is stored as muscle or as fat, you want to get rid of fat, eat lots of sugar and the energy in will mostly get stored as fat (and the hormone insulin will inhibit the use of stored fat for energy), eat lots of protein and the energy in will be stored alot more as muscle, or at least, as alot less fat…

Energy out, eat lots of sugar, and his energy expenditure (i.e. energy “out”) will be mainly burning that sugar, and all the insulin release will inhibit the utilisation of his body fat stores for energy. Eat less carbs and there will be less glucose energy available, and the body will have to draw on its fat stores more for energy, the smaller amount of insulin present will also allow fat stores to be much more easily burnt for energy as well. The result? A much better way to achieve his goal of removing fat from his body.

The reason why Six Week Body Makeover works so well is the body simply has a hard time burning its own fat reserves in the presence of large amounts of glucose and insulin in the bloodstream, as it will use the glucose instead, and the insulin inhibits the release of stored energy from the bodies fat cells.

So if you burn 500 calories form stored fat and have 500 calories free floating, they just turn into fat anyway so what’s the difference where the burned calories come from, so long as it isn’t muscle. 2000 calories does indeed = 2000 calories. No argument with that. Make sure you check out Six Week Body Makeover if you want to lose weight right away starting now.

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