Nexus Pheromones Review – Increase Sexual Desire

The Nexus pheromones website is certainly a little bit old school… but the half-naked women on the left intrigued me so I continued on. I paid my money for one bottle and a few days later it arrived on my doorstep. After using the spray for two weeks straight every time I went out, I can safely say that it DOES work!

My very first field test resulted in two girls practically begging to come out with me. Conversation flowed easier and I felt more confident. You can be sure I’ll be wearing NEXUS pheromones when I pick them up for the night out!


Nexus claim that their pheromone spray contains double strength concentrations of the human pheromone androsterone. I couldn’t find an ingredients label that showed how much androsterone was included in the 30ml (1oz) bottle, so I’ll have to take their word for it.


At $49.95 a bottle of NEXUS pheromones won’t break the bank. In fact is really good value. For that price, you get a 30ml (1oz) bottle (some other pheromone sprays are double the price for a 10ml (1/3oz) bottle!). One bottle will last you 3-6 months depending on how much you use it.


I used 2 sprays on most nights out and could still smell it after 4 hours of wearing. Even after the perfume smell had gone I was still getting great results, so the pheromones were definitely still active. With a couple of sprays, you should be good to go for around 8 hours.


The results speak for themselves! This pheromone spray really does work in miraculous ways. I felt as though I had become someone different. I was getting such great reactions from women over the course of the 2-week trial. It included women asking me for my number on multiple occasions, being stopped in the supermarket and asked random questions, and generally having a much more fun time when out! Learn more about Nexus Pheromones.

First Impressions

To review my Nexus pheromones, I decided to field test it multiple times. Below is what happened on one such occasion. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was supposed to be meeting some friends at a bar in town for an afternoon of relaxing and drinking. I sprayed a couple of sprays onto my neck and headed out.

The group was around 10 people strong and included 3 girls that I have known for some time but am not good friends with, more acquaintances. When I arrived I made sure that I gave each girl a warm hug (so that they would smell the pheromones. I was a little worried I have put on too much. The smell is pleasant but like any perfume, you want it to be subtle. Anyway, I sat down near two of the girls.

Immediately the one who is usually standoffish began talking to me. She asked me questions and seemed interested in what I had been doing. Her eye contact was strong. This sense that she was interested in me and paying me attention, made me feel more confident. And so the virtuous circle continued, me becoming more bold and sure of myself, and her, in turn, getting more into me.


Below are the pros and cons of Nexus Pheromones.


  • Only $49.95, making it one of the lowest cost pheromone sprays on the market
  • Double strength human pheromone concentrate
  • Two-month free trial
  • Unconditional money back guarantee
  • Discreet shipping
  • 48 hour shipping time


  • Non-discreet bottle
  • Website looks a bit tired


Within about 20 minutes I heard her whisper to one of the other girls that she was attracted to me and giggle. RESULT! She even took my email and made sure she had my phone number down. And get this, her boyfriend was sitting at the other end of the table. A massive thumbs up for NEXUS right there!!

I mentioned I was going to see a show in a couple of weeks. Immediately the two girls were rummaging through their handbags and pulled out their diaries! I was amazed. Normally suggestions like that would be met with skepticism or just a look of ‘Oh that’s cool’ and nothing more. But there were two hot girls basically throwing themselves at me and wanting to come out with me.

This isn’t what normally happens to me, so I can only attribute it to the NEXUS pheromones I was wearing. They had made the girls far more receptive, open and trusting towards me, and also made them intrigued.

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