The P.I.N.K. Diet Method Review [UPDATED]

Let’s talk about the P.I.N.K. diet method which focuses on eating light protein, lots of vegetables, and slow foods. With that combination, you finish your workouts and have lots of energy throughout the day.

What Type of Food

Some people refer to it as a low glycemic index food which has less impact on blood sugar. High-glycemic index foods cause you to store fat so by eating slow foods you tend to burn fat much faster. Some examples include apples, berries, and bananas which are all really yummy stuff you can eat and should eat.


The program was purposefully set up so there are no plateaus in your training and progress. For example, some women have lost 30 pounds on the P.I.N.K. program and in the last week, they will lose another 7 pounds. All of these women have amazing success stories to share with you.

Online Weight Loss

You can track your progress online when you go to their website where you will be able to monitor your workouts, your meal plans, the foods that are you eating and a plethora of constantly added new tips. You can even do live webcam chats to answer all your questions about losing weight.

Even if you are at home and doing it by yourself, you will always have the support network that is also trying to lose weight. Support is one of the best ways to keep someone on a weight loss or fitness program.


It is a new fusion diet that keeps the lost pounds and inches from coming back. So, what can you eat? One of the things I like about it is that it does not eliminate any food groups. You are going to get to eat virtually anything eventually. There’s really no excuse. One of the foods that are so powerful is the P.I.N.K drink.

So, in this recipe, we are going put in a cup of coconut milk, as well as some hemp or whey protein powder. The whole P.I.N.K. diet is about blending protein and plants. That’s the secret to shrinkage. Finally, will just add a cup of berries.

Can you eliminate belly fat?

Yes. There is an interesting study done by the American Cancer society that followed a group of women who took 19 or more servings per week of fruits and veggies in their diet and they lost a lot more belly fat than those who did not. We took that information and combined that with the P.I.N.K. diet so you get results where you want it which with women is within the tummy area.

We know you can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite and get rid of it all together just by eating the foods we recommend. By eating the right things and exercising you can have an effect.

According to, the Pink drink is packed full of flavor and packed full of fiber. You will not get hungry for hours. You will enjoy a nice fat burning breakfast in just seconds. Thanks for reading and enjoy the P.I.N.K. diet method.

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