How A Penis Extender Works

Penis extenders have been around for some time and the science behind these devices is simple. The penis extender uses a basic principle that delivers noticeable results every time.

The Science

The penis extender uses the so-called principle of traction.

The extender applies tolerable amounts of pressure to the penis. As a result, some of the cells get broken down. A process of cell regeneration starts. Blood flow to the penis region increases, which ultimately results in new tissue growth and an increase in both length and width. Better circulation will also improve sexual performance. Men who have used penis extenders report that they have more sexual stamina and improved erection strength.

Penis Extender Studies

Do studies confirm the claims made by penis extender producers? A number of studies were carried out to test such products and to figure out whether they deliver the promised results.

Clinical studies on the topic of penis enlargement were carried out in 2007 and 2008. More than 20,000 people volunteered to participate in the test of a particular penis extender brand. The volunteers used penis extension devices for a period of six months, after which the results were examined.

The average increase in length after the six months of usage was 2.7 inches. In erect state, the penis length increase average was 3.3 inches. The width increase was an average of 0.9 inches after six months of usage.

Benefits of Penis Extension Devices

Now that the science behind the penis extension devices has been discussed and supported by evidence, it is time to discuss the additional benefits of this method.


Penis extenders are 100 percent safe. Some of the penis growth pills are manufactured by unlicensed companies and some of the ingredients are not disclosed to the public. Such products can produce unpleasant, even life-threatening side effects. Surgeries are always accompanied by a risk of complications. Penis extension devices are very simple and respectively – perfectly safe.


Some gentlemen may worry that the use of penis extenders is uncomfortable and even painful. These products are comfortable to wear, as long as a high-quality brand is chosen. Penis extenders are different and the best brands are the ones that deliver all of the advantages. Many doctors certify and recommend penis extenders as the best option in the niche.

Medically Certified

The devices have undergone medical tests and the way in which they are engineered ensures consistent and sustainable penis tissue growth.


Finally, the penis extender is one of the most affordable opportunities. Surgeries cost thousands of dollars and the price discourages many from giving them a try. The penis extender requires a minimum investment. Penis extension devices use a scientific principle and thus, their efficiency is guaranteed. Many doctors endorse and recommend such products, which indicates that they are one of the best opportunities for men interested in increasing their penis size

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