Pheromone Perfumes for Sexual Excitement!

For a woman to trust what you say, it needs to be specific to her pheromone perfume. Remember this and your effect will be meaningful to her pheromone response. When you initially meet a woman you are attracted to her natural pheromones and enjoy, you find yourself in a state of celebration. You’re on fire with the excitement and anticipation of being with her. You’re inspired to please her, delight her, and take her somewhere. But celebrating a woman is more than a state of revelry centered on sexual excitement. It’s a state of ongoing, renewed appreciation. Naturally, if you don’t think about your pleasure and delight, it’s missed, and the celebration of her and what she brings to your life is lost. This is why pheromone perfumes make a huge difference.

Celebrating a woman is about putting attention on your good fortune. It’s a demonstration of your delight. The feminine in a woman wants to be the center of your attention, and she wants to feel you celebrate being with her, today, and always. Celebrating is a way of saying, “I still see you. I still want you. I still love you.’’

Often, men stop celebrating women once they have them, because they think of celebrating as a strategy for conquest. But it’s the way you celebrated her that opened her heart to you. To stop after the first pheromone seduction feels like a trick. How often have you heard a woman complain that the romance was over? That means she has stopped being the center of your attention. And when that happens, it feels to her that she’s no longer appreciated and desired. She is no longer a source of delight for you.

For a man, this will seem grossly unfair, but it’s a woman’s nature to forget what you did the day before to celebrate her – because as a “feeling being,” every day is a new day. What you did for her yesterday was wonderful, but it’s gone. She wants that feeling again, that reminder, when you touch her and connect in celebrating your love and desire for her natural pheromone perfume.

While choosing a woman is an intimate act (even when it is done publicly – think pheromone perfume), celebrating a woman is a public act. It is about taking her places where she is seen, and how you are with her in those public settings. When you initially date a woman, you want to show her off. You want to be seen with her. You celebrate her beauty and her presence in your life. You take her out where she is the center of your pheromonal attention.

You tell people she’s yours, and you cater to her needs. All of your demonstrations are a celebration of sorts. In a woman’s body, mind, and heart, this feeling is incredible. Of course, as she falls in love with you, she believes this warm, eager attention will last forever. When it collapses after you get her, a part of her hope and excitement for your relationship collapses, too.

When a woman is considering you as a lover or partner, she senses what is possible with you and your pheromones? Where will you take her? Not simply where will you go for dinner, but where can you take her body, mind, and heart? As an emotional, romantic being, she wants the wild, exhilarating possibility of natural pheromone perfume. She wants the epic love story unfolding frame by frame, each scene more sizzling than the one before.

Does she ask herself literally, “Where can he take me?” No. But because a woman (being a feminine being) longs to be lifted off her feet and transported into love, she just feels this. To be taken somewhere has so many meanings – all of which are centered on being led and carried into experiences that create intense feelings of love and desire

I think of the first boys who took me somewhere in body and mind along with their pheromones. I remember the boy who taught me how to ride a horse bareback, to feel a kind of freedom I’d never felt before in my body and spirit. All our adventures together gave me this taste of freedom. There was the boy who taught me about the joy of giving to others as I watched him care for an old, lonely man on his Saturday nights.



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