Pheromones Signals and Sexual Attraction

When you rely on your partner in a relationship with pheromones to give you that love as if it’s something to ‘get’ from them and as if they’re the keepers of it then your relationship with them and yourself is going to be full of fear, insecurity, neediness and desperation. If they take it away you’re back to the shell of a man you were before you met them.

The answer is love. But not in the form of something you get from others as approval, kindness, attention or sex but in the form of unconditional love for yourself and for others.

Work on accepting andf loving yourself, unconditionally, and then on loving what you can about others. You can’t get love. Everyone is addicted to approval from others because they think it’s love but it never satisfies them because it’s not how you get it.

Pheromones Stimulate Women

Pheromones are powerful chemicals found in humans that increase attraction in women.

With most guys the woman gets bored because they do the same thing over and over again. But using the stimulation continuums you can give an endless array of different types of stimulation. You can start with very light stimulation and move onto very heavy stimulation, then move back and forth to give her different types. This can be very exciting for her, she’s not going to get bored with the same thing over and over again.

Increasing Pheromone Output

It’s going to give you a model for escalating pheromone stimulation. Again a lot of guys disrupt their girl’s sexual experience by escalating in a jerky, awkward manner. They’ll start doing some teasing then all of a sudden they’ll be doing some really heavy sucking and licking. They skip everything in the middle and didn’t give their girlfriend a chance to get turned on and build up to that heavy satisfaction. So she doesn’t get the most out of the sexual experience and doesn’t enjoy it that much.

So using these pheromone productions you have a model for sexual escalation. This is a foolproof way for you to go from teasing her to really giving her that heavy satisfaction in a smooth and natural seeming way. Doing that in this way is going to be much better than jerking from light stimulation to very heavy stimulation and she’s going to enjoy it much more.

The first thing you want to learn is how to breathe warmly on any part of a woman’s body in order to tease her. You don’t want to breathe very hard, rather breathe very softly so that your breath feels warm on her skin. This is going to really tease her because she feels your pheromone orders right there, about to give her stimulation but not really giving her that satisfaction yet. So this is a great way to tease a woman and really open her up to more heavier stimulation techniques.

After this you can give her strong kisses. Again very emotional, it’s going to start to make her feel very strong things and at the same time, physically it’s going to feel very good. By this point your human pheromones should have overwhelmed her vomeronasal organ make her feel more attracted to you. Again it’s not all quite there, giving her that heavy stimulation but it’s going to make her want heavier stimulation.

This is what is expected when you use strong sex pheromones heavy with androstenol. The third step of pheromone seduction is soft kisses which is very good because it’s very emotional and romantic. It’s going to really make her feel like you care about her and that she’s emotionally involved with you. Also it’s not going to fully satisfy her but it’s going to feel very good, it’s really not going to bring her to those incredibly high levels of pleasure but it’s going to make her want more and is a great way to set up your heavier stimulation techniques.

Pheromones and Sexual Attraction in Humans

Pheromones also serve as powerful sexual attractants in humans. We know that pheromones increase arousal, confidence, and social interaction amongst men and women. One of the most powerful pheromones used by humans is Pherazone which contains 36 mg of pheromone per fluid ounce.

Pheromone perfumes and colognes are very popular with men. Sexy is something that’s exciting and has the idea of sex and an appreciation of feminine sexuality built into it. I’ve done this a lot before, it’s actually a great, fun night because it’s a sexual adventure. Don’t tell her what you’re doing, tell her to get dressed up. Make sure she knows she’s not going out to dinner, so she’s not starving. Apply a light spray of pheromones on your neck to elicit a pheromone response from her vomeronasal organ. Tell her we’re going out tonight, it’s going to be amazing, I want you to look hot. Use that exact phrase, “Baby you look fucking hot” and point out the shoes you want her to wear. And I mean the big shoes, the heels that she can’t walk more than 3 inches in, she’s got to alter her walk to make her ass shake a little more.

Men and Pheromone Signals

Pheromones have interesting behavioral effects on men. Men often have a long list of things they think are “true” about themselves. They think that they’re no good at sports, or bad at painting, or awkward at socializing.

But no matter what you think you can’t do, the real answer is just that you’ve never excelled at it until now. The past is always prologue to where you’re standing right now. What you think you can’t do is just something you haven’t done until now. What you think you’re bad at is just something that you’ve struggled with in the past. The past is out of your control. How you proceed is not.

The first way that you begin making positive change in your life is by accepting responsibility for your own pheromones. The best time to give up bad habits is 30 years ago. The second best time is right now. This sounds scary at first, but really it’s liberating. Once you accept that Superman isn’t going to fly down and save you, you realize that no one can change things for you but you. Rather than being frightening, this is empowering. You determine your own pheromone production.

Dating Women

A lot of times you will find women attracted to alpha males because of their domination pheromone production.

Pay attention to guys at a bar talking to women. What do they do? Does it work? What are they doing that you’d like to emulate? What are they doing that you would never do? 2. Make a list of things you feel that you’re “just no good at.” Now start thinking in terms of not being good at these until now and things that you can get better at with practice. 3. What characters in fiction, TV, and movies, do you feel that you are most like? Now what characters do you most want to be like? Think about why you think you’re like some characters and why you’d like to be like others.

More often than not, women are attracted to a man’s pheromones more so than his physical appearance. This is very important as brands like Pherazone contain a super high concentration of pheromones that men can use to gain an edge.

That’s why at The Art of Pheromone Seduction we all strive to use every interaction we have to make the world a slightly better place. It might sound like a lot of work, but once you get in the habit, it will feel as natural as breathing.

Most of what you’re about to learn is stuff about pheromones and dating that just makes sense . You won’t need me to convince you that it works. No faith is required. You’re about to become your own personal social science experiment. Try my techniques, see what happens, then try them again and see what happens. Go into it with an open mind, no expectations and I’m confident that you’re going to be more than pleased with the results.

Social Skills

Some people don’t believe that pheromone attraction can be learned in the first place. Still others recognize that social skills can be learned, but shy away from professional coaching to bring their game to the next level. It’s not really debatable whether or not pheromones work.

No one is born with weak pheromones. Anyone who has ever spent time with a baby, toddler or most teenagers can attest to this. Pheromone communication is mostly learned through trial and error. No matter how bad a person’s social skills might be, it’s sort of a miracle that they have any in the first place. What natural advantages do humans and other primates have?

We’re not all that strong compared to predator animals or even to a number of leaf eaters like elephants. We don’t have the claws of a tiger or the jaw of an alligator. The genius of evolution, however, has given us something far more powerful than any of those things: a highly evolved set of social skills. Without them it would’ve been impossible to build the first fire, never mind create some of the marvels of human civilization like the Chrysler Building, the Internet, or the International Space Station.

Some guys are just “born with it” — which really means that they are exceptional learners and have powerful natural pheromone production.

And you know what? Some guys are natural born artists. It doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t or shouldn’t take art classes if it’s something that we enjoy and want to get better at it. Even natural born artists can benefit from the structure of a formal art program. What else is art school for? Other guys know that social skills can be learned, but believe that’s for someone else. And I get that. Social skills are a very sensitive subject.

It can be hard to admit that you need a bit of coaching to take your dating game to the next level. You can master pheromonal communication and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel doing it.

The men I’ve seen run the gamut from having way worse social skills than you to having way better social skills than you. And I can comfortably say this without knowing anything about you . It’s a broad spectrum, but using the proven techniques in this book, I’ve seen guys with bad social skills become guys with good social skills. I’ve seen guys with good social skills become guys with great social skills. And I’ve seen guys with great social skills become… well, nothing short of dangerous A lot of guys want to learn pheromone communication so that they can be more proficient at picking up women. I’m not opposed to that.

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