Does Vigrx Plus Work?

Men are, rightly or wrongly, concerned about their erectile function, sexual performance, and physical endurance in bed. Such high level of concern has led them to try a wide variety of male enhancement products. This includes oral supplements, all with the goal of having the stamina of a male porn star. One such product is Vigrx Plus.

Product Description

According to Leading Edge Health, the capsule is formulated to bring about stronger erections. This includes more firmness, strength, and duration within, 30 minutes after ingestion. It is thus aimed at men who have issues regarding their penile erections, sexual performance and physical energy in bed. On a more ambitious scale, it is even marketed as a natural alternative to the prescription medications such as Cialis.

How To Take It

Vigrx Plus should be taken just before sexual intercourse preferably 30 minutes before foreplay starts. This is not intended as a daily oral supplement – unless, of course, you have an active sex life.


These ingredients, nonetheless, work in synergy. Each one amplifies the effect of the others so that maximum results can be achieved. In general, these substances improve blood flow and nitric oxide in the arteries, thus, increasing the firmness, strength, and duration of the erections.

To name a few of the listed ingredients of Vigrx Plus: L-Arginine, maca extract, catauba extract, velvet deer, and saffron. It should be observed that these ingredients have purported aphrodisiac properties.

Results and Side Effects

The verdict is mixed in the sense that critics and customers are divided on its efficacy. On one hand, many customers assert that there are observable changes in the firmness of their erections and, in the long-term period, in the frequency of their erections, in their semen output, and in the strength of their ejaculation. They were satisfied with the results.

On the other hand, some critics and customers say that there were no observable changes in their erectile functions. These included related aspects like firmness, strength, and duration of their erections as well as semen output and ejaculation.

So which is which regarding the actual results of Vigrx Plus? The safe answer would be this. Each individual will experience positive results, if any, based on his age, physical condition, and expectations of the product. Your case will be different from the rest of the male population because of your unique physical and psychological constitution as well as your expectations of the product.

In the end, Vigrx Plus is just an oral supplement designed to improve your sex life via better erections – no more, no less. You must then consult with your doctor when your sex life is suffering because of your failure to achieve and to maintain your erections. You may have an underlying medical condition (i.e., physical condition like diabetes or psychological condition like depression) that prevents normal sexual appetite and stamina.

Will most men as well as their partners experience more sexually satisfying relationships?

Will men attain the powerful, stronger erections that came so easily 10-20-30 years ago using VigRX penis pills? How about regaining the sexual endurance & sexual stamina he once had? The ability to sustain an erection until his partner has had a chance to climax? Will he get that strong, pleasurable, intense sexual desire of younger years back again? These are topics that men of any age ponder on a daily basis. Sex should be pleasurable and gratifying for both partners.

Sexual intercourse should not be filled with worries like – “Will I complete the act or will my erection go weak midstream?” Can VigRX Plus consistently provide these benefits for men of all ages? As we see, the answer turned out to be an unqualified “Yes!” VigRX Plus produces results. Learn more at


Only a quality male enhancer like VigRX Plus, backed by a reputable company offering the same product line for over 10 years, with a 100% money back guarantee could go through the effort to commission studies such as this most recent. Over the course of time, I had read a lot of “review” sites and come away even more confused than before I started reading. I wanted to see cold, hard facts and here they are. Only the best penis pill could provide these benefits under the scrutiny of unbiased medical research spanning 2 years.

Note these statistics represent reasonable results, not the wild boasts that some male enhancement products toss around. None of that “gain 4 inches in 2 weeks” Do not be fooled by impossible claims! nonsense we see so often in our junk email. Only proven results reported exactly as men experienced in this long-term, expansive study into the merits of VigRX Plus are what counts!

Since you are considering trying the popular VigRX Plus natural male sexual enhancement pill, please do read the surprising results of this study and you will be assured you have made the right decision. These results represent a long-term evaluation of men and their partners, identical to the level of scrutiny that prescription medications receive before approval. However, VigRX Plus requires no prescription, is 100% natural and 100% herbal.

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